About Me

Hello! Bonjour! Hola! Wherever you are in the world, welcome to my little space on the web.


I don’t claim to be a master baker and I am completely self taught. I do however have strong claims of making (and eating) more than my fair share of sweet treats and here is where i’d like to share them with you. By day I work in a super busy secondary school and by night I mainly just think about food…

Like most people who are into cooking and baking, I learned from my family. I’d always loved watching my parents cook and my mum was the resident ‘parent who loved to bake’ who was often roped into running little baking sessions in Primary School. I remember getting my first ever cookbook when I was around 8 years old which I stumbled across accidentally. Our neighbour at the time had brought my parents a huge box of old hand-me-down books (most of which were old tat) and being the inquisitive child that I was rummaged through and came across a kids themed cook book which I insisted on making something from immediately much to the annoyance of my parents. It was bright yellow and had a mouse wearing a chef’s hat on. I hung on to this book for years and I’m only exaggerating slightly when I say I made the fairy cakes recipe at least 7000 times… Since then I had a cook/baking book of some sort almost every Christmas and my love was born!


Here you can find my tried and tested recipes, tips & tricks as well as a personal blog which may cover all sorts of ramblings.